Thank you for visiting! My name is Christina Monroe and I’m running for the position of Party Secretary with the Liberal Party of Canada.

Support for EDAs:  Best practices for social media

In my volunteer work and outreach as a remote/rural/northern Liberal, I have found we have holes in our support for Electoral District Associations (EDAs). I came onto the Provincial & Territorial Board (PTB) here in the Northwest Territories EDA in 2008 and started their Facebook page. As an unheld riding with no access to tools we were simply too far away from party staff to get training or support. Having a Facebook page and a Twitter account was how I started connecting online finding other Liberals in the north and across the entire country. Social media helped us to reach out and feel less isolated, share ideas and party messaging, and arrange meetups when we were in same community. It was about finding our team.

I want to develop strategies with PTB executives to build upon what I have learned.

  • Ensure all 338 EDAs have an online social media presence. Provide best practices and guidelines for maintaining these important out reach tools.
  • Have a central list of all EDA, clubs, commissions pages, so that we can like and support each other.
  • Show how a small thing like sharing national pages or PTB posts a couple times a week can increase traffic and spark discussions.
  • Decrease the isolation that is felt when you are on an EDA executive board in an unheld riding.
  • Help you to find your community and volunteers.

These are simple, concrete ways we can help be a support to registered Liberals everywhere and grow our party. If elected Party Secretary I am committed to working with registered Liberals across the country to come up with innovative ways to reach out and hear from you.